Looking for some new ways to revitalize your bathroom? You can easily breathe some life into your space with a few quick fixes, but sometimes it’s worth it to make a change that takes a little more thought, planning, and work. We’ve found five ways you can completely overhaul the look, feel and functionality of your bathroom this year!

1. Bidet-Style Toilet

If you’re looking to add a bit more luxury and comfort to your bath you should invest in a wall-mounted toilet that has high-tech features. One of our favorites is the Duravit Sensowash, which combines the aesthetic and functionality of a toilet and a bidet. A toilet like this will make you feel good and will make your bathroom look good too!

Duravit Sensowash

2. Linear Drain

This year, it’s all about keeping everything sleek and streamlined—one way to do this is to make some of your bathroom elements invisible! Linear drains blend seamlessly with your shower and can instantly add a touch of luxury to the design. Modern and innovative options from companies like Infinity Drain, allow you to take your shower design to a whole new level–especially if you’re thinking about creating a bathroom that is barrier-free.


3. Steam Shower

If your goal this year is to focus on improving your health and wellness, a daily therapeutic steam shower will do the trick! If you really want to turn your bathroom into the ultimate-spa, go with a Mr. Steam unit that will allow you to control temperatures, lighting, and aromas for each and every shower experience.


4. Niche Storage

Every square inch of your bathroom is precious real-estate and carving out a niche is the perfect way to maximize your space. Recessed shelves like this one from Rubinet, can help increase storage in your bathroom without compromising any floor space.



5. Electric Mirror

Electric mirrors are a hot design trend that can solve many lighting issues in a bathroom. Is your vanity in front of a window? Are you having trouble finding a spot for a light fixture and a mirror? If you find yourself asking these questions during your renovation just know that a mirror with built-in lighting can save the day!