It seems everyone started the year planning to whip their home into shape. And whether you’ve done all you set out to accomplish or not, if you’re anything like us, organizing fatigue is starting to set in. Give your clutter-clearing a boost by starting on the fun stuff–the decor! It takes very little to dress up an uninspired bathroom. Add some fresh color, replace the hardware or add a new light fixture and you’ve got a whole new look.

Punch Up The Wallcolor

A fresh coat of paint or some funky wallpaper can bring some unexpected fun into your bathroom. Choose bold colors like tangerine, turquoise, or even black, and balance out the intensity with light colored trim and accessories. Or if you love neutrals, find something that uses a creative pattern, and add some texture to the space. If this seems too overwhelming, how about just getting your feet wet with an accent wall? Or don’t even paint: temporary wall decals are perfect for this kind of quick fix.


source: designstiles


source: WallPops


source: Pulp Design Studios | Photo credit: Kevin Dotolo

Fixture Fix

Outdated bathroom fixtures can really be a drag, but luckily it doesn’t take long to install something both more fashionable and functional–even if this is this only thing you do, it’s one change can make all the difference. Brass finishes are very hot these days, in bathrooms as well as kitchens. An industrial faucet in a rustic finish can also lend an unexpected touch. And there are lots of eco-friendly shower head options that are modern, stylish, and will help you save water (and money!).


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source: Incorporated

Some Bright Ideas

Get rid of those boring old contractor globes and find some lighting that makes a statement. For a sophisticated feel, look for lighting that will blend in seamlessly with the rest of your bathroom fixtures, like the Ayre sconces in the bathroom below. You can also mix it up to create a more eclectic feel with non-traditional lighting options; check out those awesome vintage stage lights! Or go glam by hanging a chandelier right in the center of the room.


source: Marz Designs, via The Design Files | Photo Credit: James Braund


Finishing Touches

When it comes to a room’s overall look and feel, there’s nothing more important than the details. Accessories are a great way to add some color without painting, and they’re super easy to change when you want a fresh new look.

Coordinate bath textiles to create a unified color scheme and hang some oversized artwork to give the room an instant facelift. Add something unexpected, like a garden stool, or a chair from another room. Try swapping the old hardware for something fresh and fun, choose a dramatic shower curtain–there are amazing bathroom accessories out there, you just need to start looking!


source: J&K


source: Rethink Design Studio | Photo credit: Richard Johnson


source: Starline Cabinets, via Houzz | Photo Credit: Kelly Corbett Design

Reviving your bathroom can be easy and a fun way to spend some of your weekends! Tell us how you plan to spruce up your bathroom for spring!