source: California Faucets

We are taking a look at a revolutionary new drain from California Faucets.  The ZeroDrain is the world’s first pop-down drain, which means you can control the drain with just the touch of your finger! California faucets fused beautiful design with simple technology to create a drain that sits flush with the sink. It features a piston design that seals the drain: press the stopper down to fill the sink, and press it again to release the water.


Everyone knows that installing a pop-up drain with a sleek modern faucet is somewhat heartbreaking–the protruding drain takes away from the aesthetic of  the overall design.  The clean look of the ZeroDrain is a designer’s perfect solution to creating a sleek and seamless look in a luxury bath. In addition to the design element, this drain is also easy to install, maintain and clean. Having only two simple components cleaning can happen in a matter of seconds–pull the stopper, rinse and reinsert!

If you’re not convinced that this is one of the best bathroom innovations ever, take a look at the video below to see the ZeroDrain in action!