Children’s bathrooms are always fun to decorate! You have the opportunity to go all out and can fill the room with fun colors and cute trinkets that kids love. You can’t ever have any too many sailboats! No matter how you envision your kid’s bathroom, the decisions you make must take safety into consideration. Check out these ideas for making a bathroom a kid-friendly place where your little ones can have fun splashing around.


Design Tip: Choosing the right bathtub is essential when thinking about safety in a kids bathroom. Go with a tub that is not deep, and easy enough for your older kids to climb in and out of. In the tub area, also avoid soap dishes and shelves that protrude from the wall, to minimize the possibility of your munchkin bumping their head. Build in a recessed shelf or niche to store bubble bath, sponges and rubber duckies.

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Design Tip: Install a hand shower– it will make bathing your children much easier! Also, if you have a child transitioning from baths to showers, water coming from high up may scare them. A hand shower can rest at a lower height, which  makes the water softer and more gentle.

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Design Tip: Avoid having too many objects in the bathroom with sharp corners. Sinks and vanities with rounded edges are the safest choices if you want to prevent your child from getting bumps and bruises.

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Design Tip: Grab bars and rails are not just for the elderly! Your kiddos need just as much support to ensure that they don’t slip in the tub. Making your bath accessible is very important, especially if  you will be sharing one with your kids.

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Design Tip: Choose hardware that is easy for little hands to operate. Single lever faucets are definitely easiest to work for small children. Also, think about the size and shapes of your cabinet pulls–make sure your little one can get a good grip on them!

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