The bathroom is one of the most important spaces in any home but it can also be one of the most dangerous. Slippery surfaces, cramped spaces, and shower curbs are just a few things that we have to worry about when using the bathroom. Your bathroom should be a beautiful haven of relaxation that is safe for everyone in your home. How can you make your bathroom safe and accessible without sacrificing style? We’ve come up with four ways to achieve this so that you can design a bathroom you love whether you are young with small children or looking to age in place.

1. Buy a taller toilet

A toilet seat that stands a few inches taller can make a big difference when it comes to maximizing comfort in the bath. Most manufacturers are making these available so look for a toilet that is higher than 15 inches from the floor. Another great option is a wall-mounted toilet – both modern and stylish, these toilets can be mounted at a height that is convenient for the user.


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2. Raise the vanity

When it comes to universal design accessibility is essential. Create a space that has more of an open layout by choosing vanities that keep most of the floor space clear. Floating glass counter tops, vanities and sinks are stylish solutions for opening up the bathroom and can accommodate those that are seated. To insure that there is enough knee space place a roll under vanity 34 inches high from the counter top to the floor and 29 inches from the bottom of the sink to the floor.

source: Wetstyle

source: Wetstyle

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3. Add some extra support

Keeping your balance in a room full of slippery surfaces is a bit easier when you have a little extra support. Grab bars can be the perfect addition to your bathroom especially because there are many fun styles and shapes that can be worked into your overall bath design. In the shower, add a flip up shower seat or even a modern stool for a relaxing and worry- free bathing experience.

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4. Make the shower easily accessible

Getting in and out of the shower can be dangerous for anyone so why not avoid the hazard altogether. Barrier free bathrooms are the best for those who have to worry about maneuvering – get rid of those shower curbs and use linear drains! The bathroom can be completely left open or partitions can be used to section off the shower area and a glass wall or curtains are beautiful options for a luxurious spa-like look.

source: Tier1 Group via Houzz

source: Tier1 Group via Houzz

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source: Jodie Foster

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