Most of us would like to think that we strive to keep our homes clutter free, but how do you define clutter? I personally believe that if everything doesn’t have a place, then it’s time to eliminate some items from the space. Others may say that when a room is overwhelmed with trinkets and accessories it’s cluttered – one too many coffee table books or owl paper weights will drive them crazy. When it comes to most design styles opinions on this will vary, but there is one exception – modern minimalism. If you believe that a room should have no more than the bare essentials this style is perfect for you!

Modern minimalists embrace simplicity: clean, sophisticated and sleek designs that are both contemporary and chic. Here are a few tips on how to achieve this style if you’re looking to kick the clutter to the curb! First things first, avoid bulky furniture and stick with clean lines and light shapes. In the bathroom, narrow wall-mount vanities in a simple finish will look beautiful and maximize visual space.  To add interest to the room think tall and lean. Use vertical space by incorporating floating shelves or a narrow storage cabinet – these elements will the draw the eye and create more space to hide any clutter. Remember clutter is not an option and only essentials should be visible in the bathroom or kitchen. Keep your color choices basic (neutral or monotone palettes are desirable) and you can play with texture to make up for the lack of color. For example, find faucets and fixtures that have bold geometric shapes, sharp lines and sleek metallic finishes to add a wow factor to the overall design. Minimal doesn’t mean boring. Don’t get too caught up in all the do’s or don’ts and just think – less is more. We’ve curated a few of our favorite items that can help you bring this design style to life in your home.