When you think about your bathroom do the words tiny and claustrophobic come to mind? Most city dwellers–especially us New Yorkers–have experienced living in a small bathroom, but not everyone knows how to live with one comfortably. Having a good layout and choosing the right fixtures can turn a space that was meant to be a powder room into a full-size bath. When dealing with a small bathroom, a vanity or sink choice can make all the difference when it comes to maximizing space and comfort. If you’re looking for options that won’t cramp your bathroom or your style, no worries–the design possibilities are limitless! Various types of wall mount vanities, pedestal sinks and petite vanities can be used to create more space or the illusion of space in a bath.

Check out the photos below for tips, tricks and inspiration on how to pick a bathroom vanity that’s a perfect fit.

Design Tip: One of the best ways to maximize bathroom space is to use a  floating vanity. We love this style: it’s modern, minimalist, trendy and opens up a lot of floor space. Many of these fixtures have drawers with inserts and sections to help keep everything in place–great for storage! If you’re really pressed for space, mount a towel bar underneath or on the side for easy access after hand washing.
Get the Look: Duravit 2nd Floor Series Wall Mount Vanity


source: Wallner Builders photo credit: David Bader

Design Tip: If you prefer a standing vanity pedestal sinks are a great option because they take up a small amount of floor space. A modern pedestal with simple and clean lines can prevent a room from looking cluttered. Using a pedestal may eliminate traditional storage options but that just means you have to get creative. Spice up the decor by adding some floating shelves and stacked baskets on the floor to keep the bath organized.
Get the Look: Toto Soiree


source: Lindy Donnelly | photo credit: Eric Rorer

Design Tip: If there is a vanity that you really love but the fit isn’t right, check to see if there is a mini version of  it. A petite vanity has all of the benefits of a traditional style one–except it’s smaller!
Get The Look: Fairmont Designs Contour Vanity


source: Design Cube via Houzz | photo credit: Daniel Koepke

Design Tip: A teenie-tiny space calls for an equally tiny sink. A miniature wall mounted basin is strategically placed along the wall to create more space in this narrow powder room. It’s compact and cute!
Get the Look: Duravit Vero Wall Mount Basin

Design Tip: Unlike a traditional vanity a console style fixture lacks drawers underneath which adds a visual openness that makes the room feel larger. The bottom shelf can always be used to store some fluffy towels or a large basket that hides away bathroom essentials.
Get the Look: Empire Industries Open Console


source: Houzz | photo credit: Chris Dorsey

Design Tip: When a toilet is positioned next to a sink area you can install a wall mount sink and add a countertop without losing space. A Manhattan couple extended a wood slab across the wall to create a narrow ledge that is perfect for storing everyday toiletries and decorative accessories.
Get the Look: Nameeks Teorema

Design Tip: This narrow and vertical vanity draws the eye upwards making the room seem taller. Using a bowl-shaped vessel sink can free up almost the entire top of a cabinet, leaving space for toiletries. In this room the sink is a bit large but there are many smaller options out there. A wall-mounted faucet can also free up even more counter space.
Get the Look: Avanity Cube

Which vanity would you choose to put in a small bathroom?