Lately, it seems like all we have been talking about is copper when it comes to the latest kitchen and bath trends. Don’t get us wrong, we’re still fans of the polished nickel and stainless steel finishes that have reigned supreme in the last decade but there are so many reasons to love copper. This ancient metal is rich, warm; can enhance the ambiance of any room and when left untreated develops a beautiful patina over time. Clearly we think copper is pretty cool but companies like Dornbracht are modernizing the metal and giving us another reason to love it!

Earlier this year Dornbracht introduced Cyprum–a lustrous and elegant 18-carat copper and gold finish that certainly wows!  The shimmering pinkish hue is very distinctive and can spice up even the most basic interior: it’s like having jewelry for your kitchen or bath. Although it may not seem like it at first, rose gold tones are versatile and can add a soft-feminine edge to a light neutral space or an eye-catching touch of luxe to a darker and more masculine one. Cyprum– available in the iconic Tara Series for the kitchen and the MEM series for the bath–is stunning and amplify’s the simplicity and sleekness of Dornbracht’s designs. We’re huge fans of this “new copper” look and think that it’s an option that can definitely add a bit of uniqueness to the home. Let us know if you’re a fan too or if you prefer more traditional copper finishes. But before you do take a look at the pictures below—you might just change your mind!

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