The word “trend” seems to get a lot buzz around this time year with everyone making predictions about what designers and consumers will be drawn to when it comes to designing or revamping a home. Should you be scared of being too trendy when it comes to investing in a kitchen? Well, that depends–if you plan on painting your cabinets emerald green or installing a super funky backsplash that you might get sick of in a few years then you might want to think twice! If you don’t plan on being over the top you shouldn’t worry about about your new kitchen going out of style too quickly. Here are a few key trends that you can try out whether you’re doing a full-scale renovation or just want to make a few updates to your existing space.

Open Shelving

Open shelving is nothing new but it’s a trend that is definitely here to stay. If you’re looking for a storage solution that can open up space and provide flexibility this is it! Floating shelves can easily be customized to fit into awkward corners and add a little more storage or display space where needed. To create  a similar open and airy feel in a kitchen that already has cabinets simply get rid of the doors–this will make a big difference and takes little effort.  If you’re leaving everything out in the open keep the space tidy and only put your pretty dishes on display. No ugly coffee mugs please!

Large, Industrial Style Statement Lights and Sconces

Many people are choosing to remove their upper cabinets to either make room for open shelves or just to have more wall space. This leaves extra room in the kitchen that can be used for lighting—especially sconces! Focus on creating layered lighting with modern and sculptural industrial style sconces that can add character and personality to the kitchen. Having some adjustable task lighting will prevent you from misreading a recipe or making a dangerous mistake while dicing the onions–yikes! Bold industrial style lights and pendants also look great above islands or dining room tables where they can be the center of attention.


source: Kitchen Lab


source: Holly Marder

Copper and Brass

Last year warm metallics were on the trend radar and we will definitely will be being seeing much more of them in 2014! Copper is a style-enhancing finish that brings warmth into the kitchen, and when it comes to sinks it’s also a healthy option given its antimicrobial properties. Yes, they are natural germ killers! Copper sinks have always been popular but the finish is being used more and more for faucets, lighting, hardware and even kitchen appliances. Brass finishes are even more popular than they were last year, with many kitchens using the warm golden hue to add a touch of glam to a simple design. We love it when paired with all white cabinetry. This year expect to see brass being paired with black and dark blue cabinets to create dramatic contrast in the kitchen.


source: Artichoke

Full-Scale Backsplashes

Open kitchens with less cabinetry and more wall space are the driving force behind many other kitchen trends, including the full-scale backsplash. It’s becoming more common to extend tile to the ceiling or across entire walls. In recent years, sheet glass has been a great alternative to traditional tile choices in kitchens—it’s simple, modern and eye-catching. This year more kitchens will be a little bit ornate by incorporating stone slabs into the design. It really doesn’t get more luxurious than a seamless wall-to-wall marble backsplash.

Sink Customization

A sink is the heart of the kitchen because at the end of the day that’s where a lot of the work gets done. In 2014, a great kitchen sink is all about customization. They are coming in more shapes and sizes (larger bowls to hold more dishes!) and have accessories like cutting boards, utensil trays, drying racks and colanders to make kitchen tasks easier. With added functionality also comes enhanced style with many manufacturers offering sinks in more high-end finishes that come in various color options. Sinks get to do all of the dirty work, and guess what—they can still look great while doing it!


source: Blanco