This year we will see more barrier free bathrooms which means traditional showers are getting kicked to the curb! Flooring runs through the entire shower, creating a continuous look that improves accessibility, maximizes space and offers a stylish approach to bathroom design. What is the key to designing a bathroom with a curbless shower?  Picking the right drain of course! Sleek linear drains that run along the floor are critical in curbless showers: they allow you to pitch your surface in one direction, preventing leakage and keeping all of the water where it belongs. Most linear drains are chic and decorative fixtures that can bring both beauty and function into the bathroom. See our tips below on different features of linear drains and how to incorporate them into a modern curbless shower design.


Infinity Drain

Design Tip:  If you’re interested in designing a complete wetroom pitch the floor towards a linear drain that should be placed in the area where the shower head is located. To maximize space in a small bathroom, incorporate floating bath fixtures to add to the continuous look of the design.

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Infinity Drain

Design Tip: In a barrier free bathroom the options are limitless. In this bathroom the wet area contains a tub and shower. Modern linear drains like this one from the Marc Newson collection can add architectural flair to the space.

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Quartz by ACO

Design Tip: A curbless shower does not necessarily need to be completely open. A glass doors or a partition can add to the visual appeal of the room while providing some separation.

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Infinity Drain


Quartz by ACO

Design Tip: Going curbless in the bathroom opens up so many design possibilities! Some bathrooms with beautiful stone finishes require a center drain, and it’s easy to maintain that sleek and seamless look by using linear drains that can be fitted with a piece of matching tile.

Get the Look: Quartz by ACO Tile Series


Quartz by ACO


Quartz by ACO

Design Tip: Enhancing safety and accessibility in bathrooms is important for universal design. A curbless shower has these advantages but safety can be further enhanced with linear drains that have water activated LED lights.

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