Lately, we have been swooning over anything that is black–bath fixtures, walls, kitchen cabinets-absolutely everything. This year our motto is–go dark! This kitchen designed by Jessica Helgerson is one of our favorite dark and moody designs. Once home to a public library in Portland, the remodeled space has an elegance and rustic charm that brings character to this lovely little craftsmans cottage.

Mix it up!

When working with black it is best to incorporate contrasting elements to prevent the space from falling flat. In this kitchen, one section of dark cabinets and wood beams provide the perfect backdrop to crisp white walls. A vintage stove, warm brass hardware, and a reclaimed wood table also add texture and depth to the design. How did the designers manage to create such a beautiful space that is just oozing with personality? Layers, layers, and more layers! Mixing it up when it comes to style, texture and pattern will give a home an open and inviting feel and a unqiueness that will surely make a lasting impression on anyone who visits.

The aesthetic of this kitchen is mostly traditional with vintage touches, but modern pieces are layered into the design for variety. A classic Wegner Wishbone Chair and Tom Dixon Pendant lamps have curvy shapes that balance out the boxy characteristics of the traditional architecture, with a warm color palette bringing all of the elements together to create a cohesive look. Thinking outside of the box is also a great way to enhance the style and function of your kitchen. The rolling ladder provides access to tall cabinets and is a nice little touch that is reminscent of the old library.

Are you brave enough to go dark in the kitchen? Recreate the look with a curated collection of accessories and furniture below.


1. Antique Original American Library Ladder 2. Wegner Wishbone Chair 3. Tom Dixon Beat Light Stout 4. Hue Blush Dinnerware  5. Viv White Wine Glass  6. Franke Bridge Faucet with Side Spray 7. Ursuline Desk 8. Celeste Low Bowl  9. Rohl Fireclay Apron Kitchen Sink 10. Alno Cabinet Pull 11. House of Silk Flowers Artificial Parlor Fern in Fishbowl Ceramic 12. Sterling Industries Composite Fronton Candlestick 13.  Le Creuset Classic Round French Oven