photo credit: Donald Grant

The Furniture Guild is a favorite brand of Home & Stone, especially when it comes to custom designed pieces. Each vanity is built one at a time, crafted by American artisans out of the finest materials, right here in the U.S.A.

When our sales consultant Adina needed to create the perfectly minimal vanity to display in our showroom, she knew she could call The Furniture Guild to have it done just right–and they loved her design so much, they named it after her and added it to their regular collection! Now, the ‘Adina’ vanity is available for anyone to purchase and customize.

It’s not often someone gets a piece of furniture named after them! We sat down with Adina to find out the story behind the Adina vanity, and to hear what she had to say about The Furniture Guild and custom vanity design.

So tell us about the Adina vanity–how did this come about?

We were planning on showcasing a new sleek faucet and vessel sink and we needed a vanity that would work well together with them. I had something very specific in mind, so I decided to have it custom-made by The Furniture Guild. They loved the design so much that now they sell it as part of their Nuvo collection.

It must have been nice to design something from scratch! What was the inspiration behind the design?

The vanity was inspired by the Gessi Goccia faucet and sink, which are very modern and sculptural–the faucet has an oversize arc and ends with what looks like a falling water droplet. And the vessel sink is very dramatic too–they both have an organic, smooth shape to them, and the Adina vanity mimics that. I wanted something very sleek and smooth, with soft edges and curves, and with nothing distracting. It’s become pretty popular–this Gessi/Adina combination is even showing up in other showrooms. Looks like we really started something!


Sink and Faucet by Gessi, Call for More Info about the Gessi Goccia Collection at (800) 855-3077

It’s rare to see an all-white bathroom set like this. Why did you go with this color combo?

Well, the Goccia faucet comes in black and chrome too, but we planned on displaying it in white–a white fixture is great when you’re looking for something unique and interesting. So keeping everything white just worked best for the smooth, seamless look that I had in mind.

Tell us about the manufacturing process. How long did it take for something like this to be made?

After I drew up the sketch, I sent it over to The Furniture Guild to be drafted digitally. Once all the measurements and specifications are finalized, they build the vanity right there in their studio in Georgia. Everything is handmade, and very high quality–it’s nice to get a modern vanity that’s made like a piece of furniture. The Adina vanity has a deep single drawer, and the whole drawer front is made from a single block of wood! Once the vanity was ordered, the process took about eight to ten weeks to be crafted, finished, and shipped. And they did a fantastic job–we’ve got it in the showroom window!

Sounds like you really like the company! Do you work with them often?

I do! Working with The Furniture Guild is great because they make it easy to customize existing pieces or produce original designs. If a customer is looking for something special or specific, I’m always glad to help bring their idea to life. And any style, any size or finish–The Furniture Guild can make it happen.

Really, anything?

Well, I once had a small bathroom vanity silver-leafed for a client’s daughter’s bathroom! But I think I might have had to put in a special request for that one.

So tell us, what should customers keep in mind to help them choose the perfect vanity?

It’s all about style, finish, and function. When it comes to style and finish, there’s an amazing amount of choices available–glossy whites, warm woods, all kinds of patterns and textures. Choose something that you really love, not just whatever is the latest trend. But just as important is the function: how this vanity is going to work for you, and make your life easier. It’s good to spend some time thinking about how you will use the vanity–for instance, a vanity for a master bath has completely different uses than one in a powder room. And focus on storage; you’re choosing a piece of furniture that can make your room organized, as well as beautiful.


Adina has been working as a Sales Consultant at Home & Stone since 2004. She specializes in bathroom and kitchen design, and provides her expertise and guidance throughout projects, whether you’re doing a simple renovation or building your dream home from the ground up. If you’re interested in working with Adina, she can be reached at