Every year it seems as though summer comes and goes in a flash—without any notice the air gets cooler, cozy knits come out of the closet, and hot pumpkin spice lattes become a staple in daily life. If you’re a tea lover like me, you’ll probably ditch the latte and grab a pumpkin chai for a sweet dose of fall flavor. Most of us may whine about missing the warmth of the summer sun, but autumn has a beauty to it that definitely makes the change worthwhile. Think of the rich colors and rustic textures that are characteristic of the season–golden leaves, crisp red apples, and vibrant pumpkin patches are just a few beautiful things that can be found in nature during this time of year. To create a space that is cozy,warm and feels like home incorporate elements inspired by nature’s beauty into your everyday decor.  We’ve gathered some images and tips to use if you want your home to feel like fall year-round. Let us know which looks you love and check out our Pinterest board for some more inspiration!