Simplicity and tranquility are at the heart of rooms inspired by the far east–traits fitting for a bathroom design. Sleek, streamlined, and free of visible clutter, Asian-styled baths can feel a lot like an exotic spa. Incorporating traditional Asian motifs and nature into a modern setting can create the perfect escape when you’re in need a quick moment of comfort and serenity.

East Meets West

Don’t think you have to fill your bathroom with ancient artifacts or chinoiserie decor to bring Asian style into your bathroom. It’s actually all about minimalist decor that incorporates organic elements and crisp, clean lines to create a well-balanced and harmonious space. Neutral hues promote a soothing atmosphere, but small doses of color can inject energy and life into the room. For a more zen-like space take cues from the Japanese and stick to subdued earth tones, using greenery as a source of color. If you’re in need of a little good luck, colorful Chinese patterns in can add distinctive flair. Focus on fixtures and accessories that bring in the style’s natural materials, like bamboo and natural stone. Even a chrome finish on a modern faucet with a bamboo inspired spout will bring in that Asian influence. To complete the look choose vanities that mimic Asian motifs, like a pagoda tower or Japanese shoji screens. Contemporary vanities with straight lines and dark finishes will also do the trick.