Natural and modern stacked stone is becoming one of the hottest trends in interior and exterior design…and we are loving it. Stone cladding is far from new, but innovative designs and new products are now reinvigorating this classic look. One collection that stands out–literally!–amongst the rest is the new aZürastone collection from aZüra Stoneworks. The natural marble blocks jut out of the wall in a staggered pattern, creating a three-dimensional mosaic that adds a sophisticated layer of texture to any space.

Stack ‘Em Up

Stone cladding is most often found in landscaping, pool areas, and building exteriors. So we’re excited to see this trend popping up in interiors as well. It’s perfect for an accent wall in the living room, especially surrounding a fireplace. aZürastone’s unique texture is also eye-catching when wrapped around the corner of a wall, and its sharply defined blocks give a modern edge to a look that can tend to veer more rustic.

The random patterns are all individually hand-blended, making each combination truly unique. The pieces are used to create interlocking stone sheets that are pre-designed to fit together seamlessly, which helps reduce installation time, labor costs, and waste. Best of all, aZürastone is one of the industry’s most environmentally responsible collections, produced from more than 80% reclaimed materials; it transforms pieces otherwise destined for landfill into stunning design solutions.

Check out some of these great interiors with aZürastone’s Vanadeco collection, with so much texture you’ll just have to reach out and touch: a kitchen backsplash in the creamy and cozy Crema…









…a full fireplace surround in cool gray Grigio…









…and the multicolored Miscela makes a big impact on this statement wall.








source for all images: aZüra Stoneworks