Take a trip around the globe without ever leaving your home by adding a touch of Moroccan-inspired decor to your home. This highly coveted design style is characterized by rich jewel tones, ornate decorations and mixed geometric patterns that all combine to create a unique and distinctive look.  Too exotic and over the top for you? Try mixing Moroccan-inspired shapes and textures with contemporary elements for a look that is more refined, and an easy way to start is with a modern arabesque tile pattern!

Arabesque Tile

Arabesque tile is perfect for spicing up any space with a touch of worldly inspiration. These universally attractive mosaic tile  patterns have the perfect combination of sharp angles and gentle curves, making it great to use in any space. And if you think these mosaics are strictly for use in kitchens or bathrooms, you’ve been misinformed. Arabesque tile looks beautiful when applied in large scale for flooring, and can even be used for decorating fireplaces. For a more modern and subtle look, use crisp whites and neutral tones. Or concentrate your Moroccan flair in a smaller spot, using an eye-catching color or pattern to create an ornate backsplash. When designing with arabesque tile, the possibilities are endless.

Will you be trading in your classic subway tile for arabesque mosaics in 2013?


Source: Decor Pad


Source: Schroeder


Source: New Ravenna


Source: Houzz | Photo Credit: Seven Image Group