Last week we took a look at some of our favorite trends in kitchen design for 2014, so naturally we have to do the same for bathrooms! This year’s trends revolve around creating a bathroom retreat that promotes relaxation and provides maximum comfort. Customization, innovation, openness, accessibility and style are all key elements to consider when thinking about a bathroom design. Before you go on your next bathroom renovation adventure check out these trends for some inspiration!

Seamless Showers and Wet Rooms

When it comes to bathroom design in 2014, more and more designers will be kicking shower curbs to the curb! Yes, I know, terrible pun but couldn’t help it. Curbless showers are popular design solutions for people with limited mobility but they can be a convenient and stylish alternative for any home. Wouldn’t it be nice to walk into a shower without tripping over a threshold? Many of these bathroom designs still use glass doors or frames to section off the shower area of the bathroom– but you also can get rid of the doors and make the entire space a wetroom. This barrier free option gives a bath design a streamline look that can create an open and spacious feel in the tiniest of bathrooms. In a curbless shower keep the water spillage at bay by incorporating sleek and decorative linear drains that run along the shower area.


source: AT6

Black Fixtures: Going Dark

Black seems to be everyone’s favorite color all of sudden–it’s like we’re rebelling against the lighter neutrals that have dominated bathroom design in recent years. First going dark started with a little bit of paint: maybe one accent wall in a larger light filled space or all four walls in a small powder room. Now we’re seeing black tubs, sinks, faucets, and  accessories and the best part is that they come in matte finishes! Black in the bath can be crisp, modern, bold and fun–especially when small touches are combined with lighter neutrals like white and warm woods. If you’re thinking a big black tub is a bit too much for your taste try a faucet and sink combo or even a mirror to add a bit of smoky sophistication to your bathroom!

Freestanding Tubs

These days more people are opting to create the ultimate shower experience in their bathrooms but for those who still want to enjoy a good soak  freestanding tubs are becoming a popular choice. Stand alone tubs are nothing new so why are they popular now? I could say it’s because they are fabulous and have an air of luxury–which is true—but now freestanding tubs are far more accessible and come in a variety of shapes, sizes, materials and colors! Elevating a bathroom’s style and bringing the spa experience home is a trend that will bring these tubs to the center of attention in bath design this year.


source: Domino | photo credit: Brittany Ambridge


source: House & Home | photo credit: Donna Griffith


source: Glitter INC.

Natural Colors and Materials

Warm tones and nature inspired colors have been working their way into bathrooms lately and we’re pretty sure will be an even bigger trend this year. Greys, taupes, creams, and stone like hues will gain popularity, especially in spaces that take a minimalist approach. When it comes to color this year neutrals will be the go to but try to avoid your boring old browns and beiges. Bright and bold hues don’t have to be left out but they’re not there to steal the show so pops of color in the form of accents and accessories will do. Bringing the outdoors in goes beyond color, with many bathrooms having organic shapes and textures that reflect nature. Wood, concrete, and stone are design elements to look out for this year.


source: Stone Forest


source: Decoholic


Emerging trends in bathroom design have a lot to do with creating the ultimate bathroom experience, for some people that involves having a few gadgets that can help make that happen. Devices like iSteam allow you to digitally control your bathroom experience–change temperature controls or stream music with just a touch! Singing in the shower definitely  just got better. Refrigerated medicine cabinets, televisions that vanish behind mirrors are some of the other innovative products on the market that will change the way we use the bathroom. Even toilets and faucets have gotten digital upgrades–think automatic and hands free! When it comes to tech in the bathroom it’s all about adding a little bit of  luxury and a lot of convenience.


source: KWC