A few days ago we shared a few of our favorite items that can help give your bathroom a major facelift! We’re now ready to tackle the reinvention of your kitchen! In this room just the smallest changes can make a major difference–and we’re all about upgrades that make dining more enjoyable, cooking easy to love, and clean-up a breeze. Having the perfect blend of beauty and functionality is the best way to create your dream kitchen and it doesn’t take much. Here’s five items that will make your kitchen look good and help you get all of the hard work done!

1. Hot & Cold Water Dispenser

We don’t like to waste time in the kitchen, and this Dornbracht water dispenser does everything you need it to in an instant! With one lever you can switch your water from hot to cold, and the laminar jet ensures that there are no dangerous splashes.  This type of faucet is the perfect addition to the bar and prep area–you can blanch vegetables, prepare pasta, and make your morning coffee quickly and comfortably!

2. Garbage Disposal

After you have spent a lot of time cooking dinner you should be able to relax and enjoy the rest of the evening–you need cleaning up to be easy! Having a waste disposer can help you move that process along quicker, in addition to decreasing the amount of waste that has to sit in your garbage can. Franke has some pretty powerful waste disposers that are great for the kitchen and believe it or not they are environmentally friendly too. Using a waste disposal system is the safest, easiest and most responsible way to get rid of biodegradable food waste.

Franke Waste Disposal

3. Customizable Sink

You want your kitchen to work for you and your family, so invest in fixtures that have a lot of flexibility. Julien is one of our favorite brands, that carries sinks with various sizing options and accessories that can adapt to your everyday needs.

4. Modern Bridge Faucet

Ready to entertain?  A second faucet is an absolute must-have if you’re always hosting the party. Prepping food, mixing drinks, and having easy access to drinking water will make having fun as a hostess easier. Go with a sleek and modern design like this Waterstone bar faucet–it will enhance the beauty of any kitchen decor!




5. Prep Sink

If you’re going to get a bar faucet you need a prep sink to go along with it! Putting a second sink in the right spot of your kitchen allows two people to cook and clean simultaneously, making everyday meals and special occasions easier to prep for and clean up after. We love how a sink like the Rio Grande can function as a prep area or a bar area where you can keep your drinks on ice during the party!