Goodbye, Tangerine Tango. Hello, Emerald! Everyone loved the spirited and seductive orange color that made a splash last year, but in 2013 an elegant and energetic green will dominate in fashion, beauty and interior design. The versatility of the hue makes it a color that can be universally appealing. Emerald can feel luxurious, relaxing, energetic and lively. Which Emerald Mood fits your design style?


Luxurious and Elegant

Emerald green works well with black. white and gold to create a sophisticated space. Mix the bold hue with other jewel tones like plum, ruby red and sapphire for a more luxurious feel.


Lively and Bright

Energize this color by mixing it with bright yellows and oranges.


Balance and Harmony

Pair this hue by with neutral tones like whites, grays, soft yellows and blues to bring out its serene and soothing nature.