This industrial chic bathroom has an excellent balance of raw features and clean contemporary lines. Exposed bathroom fixtures in bright metallics are key to recreating this unfinished look, so shower heads and floor-mounted tub fillers in a chrome finish are a perfect fit. Don’t have exposed brick or concrete walls? Try using porcelain tile with a metallic finish as an alternative. The dark metallic finish can imitate the feeling of concrete and creates a bold design statement. To soften the room, add a modern freestanding tub with a curved shape. All of the elements combine to create a style that is clean and simple but a little rough around the edges!

Urban Escape - Room Elements

Image above:
1. MTI Savoy Freestanding Soaker Tub 2. Samuel Heath Multi Function Showerhead 3. Newform Pura Floor-mounted Tub Filler Set 4. Metallic Porcelain Tile