When you spend a couple of hours a day shuffling through photos of beautifully designed kitchens and baths you start to realize that all of your favorite spaces have something in common. I seem to have an affinity for simple, elegant and warm interiors that incorporate natural stone. Of course, I’m not into just any stone – my dream interiors are filled with classic white marbles like Calacatta and Carrara, they are just oozing with luxury!

Italian in origin, each piece of stone is one of a kind and has beautiful veining that can vary from subtle lines to bolder and more striking patterns. The milky mix of warm whites and soft, cool grays create an organic warmth and texture in a room that is difficult to replicate with other design elements. While not everyone can afford to adorn their entire bath in marble, just an accent will do the trick. I like the idea of adding a marble sink into the bathroom, after all every interior needs a shining star. A stone sink in a simple form, modern cradle shape or with vintage flair can give an interior a touch of luxe. We’ve curated a list of  seven of our favorite marble sinks along with a few inspiration images to show how they can serve as a beautiful statement piece in almost any type of design.