It’s not that often that Vola, a leader in Scandinavian design, adds a new product to their portfolioso when they do, it usually turns out to be a must-have for any modern bathroom.

In 2011, Vola launched their Round Series: a futuristic and sleek modular waste basket system that plays on the  basic circle as a design element.  The waste bin, available in black or white, fits seamlessly into the wall and can be easily accessed by simply pulling out the fixture. Always keeping continuity in mind, designers created a matching tissue dispenser that also blends into the bathroom’s overall design.


Vola Round Series Built-in Wastebin and Tissue Dispenser

Recently, the spectacular and innovative series has been expanded to include Vola’s first round shower! Both innovative and environmentally friendly, the shower head has 18 lines which fan out from the center, each holding 12 rubber nozzles that can deliver up to 24 liters or 15 liters of water per minute at three bar pressure.  The entire round series collection is all about simple luxury and elegance. Take a look at the photos below to see exactly what we’re talking about and tell us what you think about the collection in the comments below.