When did the industrial look become a design style? We’re not quite sure but the trend is most definitely here to stay! Unfinished and rugged surfaces that were once characteristic of warehouses and lofts have made their way into modern homes and commercial spaces all over the world. The key to nailing this style is to celebrate raw and unrefined features that are typically concealed in a home. Fixtures that feature ducts and pipes, like the new Elan Vital or Brooklyn faucet from Watermark, will be sure to give your home that “warehouse” look. Earth tones and neutrals are popular color choices, especially because they compliment many of the wood, metallic and concrete surfaces found in industrial style interiors. If you’re not entirely into the ruggedness of this style try mixing a few unfinished elements with sleek and modern fixtures to create a look that is chic but still has industrial flair. We’ve curated a list of kitchen and bath items that have an industrial vibe. Which one of these is your favorite?