My name is Christy Emens, and I’d like to thank everyone for their questions about creating a kitchen that fits your individual lifestyle! I am the marketing communications manager for BLANCO, German manufacturer of luxury kitchen sinks, faucets and accessories.

Q: I’m redoing my kitchen and I really love the minimalist style so I tend to look for simple appliances but I want something to stand out. Any suggestions for a sink and faucet combo that’s functional and different?

At BLANCO, it’s important to us to offer smartly designed products that combine the best of form and function.  Our new ONE™ sink collection combined with a BLANCO CULINA™ Mini is the perfect choice for functionality and individuality. You can customize your ONE sink with a variety of accessories to keep it functional and different. We have a handy workstation for utensils or knives, an integrated cutting board and more! A single bowl will keep your look minimal. BLANCO ONE comes in single bowl models in varying sizes: XL Single, Super Single and Medium. Able to take on the challenges of daily life, these easy-to-clean 9″ deep bowls are created from the highest quality stainless steel with BLANCO’s signature Satin Polished Finish.

The BLANCO CULINA Mini is a professional chef’s style faucet with an innovative magnetic hookup. The closed coil is easy to clean and the smaller size is both functional and offers a clean design aesthetic.


ONE Super Single Sink with BLANCO CULINA Mini faucet

Q: I have a smaller kitchen with no counter space to prep food and I was wondering if you had any suggestions so that I can make my kitchen more functional.

This is a great question. BLANCO has a wide range of sinks – including the ONE™ collection mentioned above that have custom-fit grids, cutting boards and other accessories that will help you leverage your sink bowl space to prep food and save your counter space. The integrated accessories allow you to create a personalized workstation – all right on top of the sink!


The ONE Medium Single Sink with magnetic sponge caddy is perfect for small spaces.

Q: I’m building a new home and will need to put the main kitchen sink on the island. I’m worried about the messy appearance of dishes, etc. on the (large) island, but am not too keen on a high bar area to separate the space. Do you have any suggestions to help differentiate the space?

We do see a lot of sinks on islands –  a larger super single sink – potentially with an integrated cutting board to maximize space and “hide” dirty dishes, etc. would be a good solution to keep the area neat and organized. Some of our sinks, like the PERFORMA™ CASCADE, even come with a low divide or integrated raised ledge feature that lets you separate dirty and clean spaces – but still offer the functionality of a larger bowl.You might also take a look at the inspiration gallery on our new mobile app to give you insight into how others are addressing sinks on islands. Most do not have a back splash to separate the island from the kitchen as the trend right now is to integrate the kitchen into the living space around it.


BLANCO PERFORMA™ CASCADE™ Super Single Sink with raised ledge.

Your dishwasher and waste/recycling stations can also be located in the island to keep things clean. Many cabinet companies offer drawer systems with pegs so you can wash and stack dishes all in the island for convenience. And you may also want to consider a BLANCO SOLON™ compost system which is integrated into the counter to keep organic waste organized and out of sight.


The SOLON™ compost system integrates into the countertop and the sealed lids keeps odors at bay

Q: I’m planning to remodel my kitchen, and I want to make it more “friendly” for my toddler and two cats. I currently have wood cabinets, tile counter-tops, and grooved linoleum flooring, so I’d love suggestions for surfaces that are beautiful to look at but easier to clean!

We definitely understand how the importance of keeping a clean kitchen. Our collection of SILGRANIT® II sinks features a patented formula which makes them extremely easy to clean and maintain, not to mention extremely durable. Mild dish detergent and water is all that is needed to clean your SILGRANIT sink after everyday use.



If you prefer a stainless steel sink, most of our stainless collections feature our satin polished finish, which makes them ultra-smooth and easy to clean. This signature finish is the result of an extensive polishing process that creates an extremely consistent and luxurious appearance which is also smooth and hygienic.


BLANCO SUPREME™ 1-3/4 Bowl sink with HILAND™ faucet.

Thank you again for your wonderful questions! For more inspiration and information about kitchen design, please visit our website, our design blog, and our Youtube Channel. Connect with us through social media at @blancoamerica. We look forward to continuing the conversation!