Earlier this year, the release of Baz Luhrmann’s much anticipated adaptation of the F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby definitely created a flapper frenzy, sparking a new interest in 1920’s fashion and design. I don’t know about you, but I certainly left the theater with three things on my mind: fabulous beaded dresses, glitzy interiors, and a strange desire to dance the Charleston! We certainly may never be able to party like Jay Gatsby and his friends, but we can definitely adopt some of their glamorous style. If you want to introduce some Gatsby luxury into your life, jazz up your home with timeless Art Deco accents that inspired the luxurious interiors of the era.

Dive into Deco

Art Deco style is reflective of life in the roaring twenties: opulent, liberating and full of excitement. The look is bold, exuding a sophisticated elegance created from a mix of rich colors, geometric motifs, clean lines and sparkly accents. Black and white, golden tones, shades of grey, and deep blues set the tone for the dramatic nature of this style. Softer and more feminine looks also abound, with a lighter palette grounded in cream and beige colors. Lush layered textiles also help create the feeling of extravagance even in a room designed with more subdued hues.

Sparkle and shine are key to Art Deco, so glam it up with sleek metallic finishes, mirrors, polished wood, glossy paint, and lots of lacquer. Think diamond drenched decor! Ok, wait–that may be a little too much for some, but definitely throw in a few shiny accents to create that gleaming effect. Strong geometry in the form of sharp angles and bold curves add depth and interest to these twenties inspired interiors. Graphic patterns and shapes are often found in tile or wallpaper, but even accent pillows can give a room an Art Deco vibe. To complete the look, bring in elegant chandeliers and sconces that make a statement. Layered lighting is also essential, and can help create the perfect atmosphere for lounging and entertaining.

Below are a few inspiring images found on Pinterest–check out our board for lots more glitz and glam!