Concrete and stone may not be the first materials you think about when it comes to designing a room in your home, but designers are doing amazing things these days. Everyone has seen stone kitchen countertops or the occasional accent wall, but now concrete floors, sinks and bathtubs are becoming commonplace in all parts of the home.

One of the great things about using stone is the sheer weight and solidity it brings to a room. A concrete sink has so much more heft than a porcelain one–it turns your bathroom into the strong, silent type. We just love the way concrete adds texture and color to a room, especially when paired with something totally different, like delicate light fixtures or lots of clear glass, or when found in unexpected places, like a stacked stone backsplash.

Don’t discount concrete and stone as cold or industrial! Check out these photos and more on our Stone Age Pinterest board to see how people are using these materials to make their homes look beautiful, warm, and elegant.