Neon colors are absolutely electrifying…and if not done right, can seem more like electrocuting. Neon is so strong on its own that a little goes a long way; used properly, it adds a bright, cheery note to any room.

Neutral-lovers, fear not! Neons actually work best with colors that help them tone down a bit. While it’s true that crisp whites and blacks make them pop, it’s neutral colors like cream, beige and gray–and especially natural warm wood tones–that turn neon hues into sophisticated, clever accents.

The easiest way to add some fluorescence to your home is with an accessory or two–and it’s a great place to try some DIY. Try dip-dyeing some small planters or the legs of a kitchen barstool with neon paint, or hang a small piece of super-bright artwork. A green soap dish in the bathroom or an orange clock in the kitchen–we’re thinking once you try a neon touch, you’ll be glad you did.

Check out some of these neon-loving interiors below. Bathrooms get instantly more interesting with orange Vola fixtures or a simple yellow-framed floor mirror. One kitchen below is completely transformed by a coat of fluorescent red paint on the window frames. Give your home a taste of neon, and let us know how it goes!



source: Interiorish


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source: Interiorish