Source: Better Homes and Gardens

Now that we’re in the dead of winter, the chances of a quick trip to the beach are pretty much nil. Well, unless you’re lucky enough to live in a palm-tree state.

Here in blustery Brooklyn, we can’t help but dream of warm breezes from the water and hot sand under our toes. If you also can’t wait for summer to come, why not bring summer to you!

Bring Home the Beach

Make your home feel like the beach year-round by decorating with colors inspired by the sea. Our inspiration today comes from beach glass, the small bits of glass that have spent years being tumbled by the ocean and sand into smooth, frosted jewels. Sea glass is often found in a variety of blue and green hues, ranging from soft mint to deep cobalt. To create a beachy room design, mix blues and greens with crisp whites and warm browns for a fantastic coastal palette. Check out our favorite seaside-inspired interiors from Pinterest.