Who said tiles were just for walls and floors? Using tile in unexpected places is becoming a hot trend in interior design. Manufacturers are creating everything from living room furniture embossed with glass mosaic tiles to tiled light fixtures.

But don’t forget the bathroom just yet. Tubs covered in tiny mosaic tiles are making a big splash. But we’re not talking about that plain ol’ wall-matching mosaic tile skirt on a drop-in tub. No, sir: these are glamorous and luxurious mosaic bathtubs with distinctive shapes, patterns and attention-grabbing features. Tiles can easily turn an ordinary bathtub into a work of art.


Shimmery Neutrals

Bisazza is well known for their creative use of glass mosaics, and each of their pieces are nothing short of glamorous. Silver and white mosaic tile are used to spice up this ordinary clawfoot tub and cover the fun polka-dot patterned wall.

Bisazza Pois Mosaic-Tiled Tub and wall

Source: Bisazza

Stop and Smell the Roses

This extravagant tub design by Swedish designers Solklippa & Skogh is covered in a summer flowers mosaic pattern inspired by their home country.

Mosaic Sweden Tiled Bathtub

Source: Design Happens | Photographer: Maria Macri

Classic Black

Aquamass designed a tub made of Compolight and water mosaic glass to give it a texture and depth absent in traditional bath tubs. Its a fabulous tub for a fabulous bathroom.

Black Mosaic Waterglass Tub

Source: Houzz

Go for the Gold

These beautiful ceramic mosaic tiles from DesignTaleStudio are used to make this tub resemble precious metal. Who wouldn’t want to bathe in gold?

DesignTaleStudio Gold Mosaic-Tiled Tub

Source: Laura Day

Light Up The Night

Gold isn’t enough glimmer for you? This tub by Lucedentro is covered with photoluminescent ceramic tiles that glow in the dark. Light covers the surface and the interior, creating an incredible effect when filled with water.

Lucedentro Glow-in-the-dark Mosaic-Tiled Bathtub

Source: Trendir

If The Shoe Fits

And for those who want to make the ultimate statement: this ultra-luxurious shoe-shaped tub from Sicis is created with art glass mosaic tiles and can cost upwards of $30,000. A girl would pay anything for the perfect shoe!

Sicis Audrey Mosaic-Tiled shoe Tub

Source: Sicis