We’d like to think that a gentleman with style has a few key skills under his belt: how to pair a tie with the right blazer, how to mix the perfect drink, and how to entertain in a home that showcases his personality. Unfortunately, many guys who have it together when it comes to personal look put little effort into the design of their homes. If you’re a stylish gent living in an apartment that doesn’t look much different than your old college dorm room, you may want to consider redecorating soon. Having a bachelor pad is an opportunity to create a home that all of your married buddies would dream of living in–there are no rules! If you want to put a pool table in the kitchen or turn an entire room into a fully stocked bar, go for it. Whatever you choose to do, your home should be a place that is inviting, comfortable and fun to live in.

Elevate your Style

Where do you start? First, let’s get rid of the notion that your home has to look like a man lives there—neon beer signs and stuffed animal heads are not a requirement. Colors, textures, and a pared-down aesthetic (with a bit of edge) can work together to create a masculine vibe. When it comes to color the possibilities are endless, but for a design novice, neutral palettes are the easiest to work with. Greys, blacks, browns and blues can be sophisticated, dramatic and clean. And try giving your home a little zing by throwing in a pop of color; reds, oranges, and yellows are great, but really any bright hue can work. Masculine spaces should have rich textures, so mix and match fabrics like leather, wool and flannel…but don’t overuse these, and also don’t be afraid to experiment with softer options. To further texturize a space, go for furniture or architectural details that will juxtapose rough with smooth or hard with soft. This will make for an interior that is interesting and inviting.

Earlier we said that there are no rules when it comes to designing your bachelor pad…but we lied! Ok, we didn’t lie, but if there’s one cardinal rule for every bachelor pad, it should at least be clean and organized. Most guys don’t want to have to deal with a ton of cleaning, but most girls don’t like guys with messy apartments.

So what’s the easy solution?

Keep your decor streamlined and minimalistic–get rid of anything that you don’t use. Pick furniture and accessories with extra storage to keep all of your possessions nice and tidy. Whether it’s your dishes in the kitchen, your favorite bottles of wine in the bar area, or towels in the bathroom, all items should either be displayed neatly, or stashed away.

And remember, well-designed spaces show your personality, so don’t be afraid to put your favorite things on display. Paintings, sculptures, instruments and even your favorite action figures can add some flair to the decor. Just don’t over do it, because then you might end up right back where you started.


interior designer: Techne | photo credit: Ben Hosking

architect: Stanley Dixon | interior designer: Betty Burgess

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